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You wouldn’t think that proper mowing was a big issue, but it is.

Mowing your lawn incorrectly can cause it to become scorched so that it doesn’t recover. The proper way is to mow the lawn no shorter than 3- 3 ½ inches. Mow often but only remove about 1/3 of the blade of grass. This will give your lawn a manicured look while keeping it healthy.

Our attention to detail means mowing and edging that creates a tidy, uniform appearance. We hand aerate and apply lime and fertilizer too. Let us add you to our mowing and maintenance schedule. Read our blog.

Did someone say wait until spring to get a new, seeded lawn or patches fixed?

Dormant seeding is the best way to seed a lawn in BC. We uniquely take advantage of our climate and seed lawns from November to March. By May you will have a full lawn without the need for watering permits and several weeks of moving the sprinkler.

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Professional equipment and tools are kept clean and sharp and we have many years experience using them correctly in all phases of yard maintenance and landscaping.


As a supervision and sign off authority to ITA Red Seal Apprenticeship and with over 30 years experience we have much to share so call with your enquiry. # 00010-LHQ-20

From lawn and garden care to landscape design and installations, we are here to consult and execute.